In a world that disregards diversity…

Be Visible, Be YOU!

We are Greek Non-Profit Organisation aiming on breaking the stereotypes of our world via experiential education & exploring the unknown.

Social Inclusion is the main goal of every action in our organisation. Accepting & hugging our own diversity so that we can hug others.

Through our projects, we are building a world full of people who are based on positive core values such as love, care, honesty, acceptance and equality.

4 flowers that are heart-shaped, colours of red and green

“When you buy into the cultural idea of what's acceptable and unacceptable, you reinforce negative stereotypes and prejudices. That wouldn't work for me. I don't love to give advice to anyone, because we all have to make our own choices, but I'd want to live my life in truth.”

-Kerry Washington 

Embrace your Diversity

Breaking The Stereotypes Experiential Seminar

” Diversity and inclusion are about giving value to every human being no matter our differences. Educate yourself to accept and love the different, not tolerating it, like it’s not equal.

” Emotions are just our soul-language. If we keep it for us, then we don’t express our own souls. Your soul is so beautiful, let your own humans see it. “

Emotional Management Experiential Seminar

Food For Thought Creative Webinars.

” No matter the situation, we believe that education should be shared with our community in order to support creativity and solidarity.“


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Let's hug ourselves and break the discrimination while exploring new horizons together!